Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Work Done on Mothers Day

This morning I made pancakes, while I was cooking the pancakes Ashley, my daughter, made a berry compote and whipped up some cream.  So the wife had pancakes with fruit compote and whipped cream and eggs for breakfast.  She couldn't have gotten a better meal at IHOP.  Once that was done Jake and I worked on his fort.  While we were working on the fort my wife, Trudy, chose to cut desert broom and cat claw out of the yard.  What a trooper, on the day that people set aside to cater too moms she chose to work in the yard so that if/when the rainy season hits we're not playing catch up on weed control.

Below are the pics of the day, we started with this:

And ended with this.... there really is a 2 foot half wall there, you just can't see it well.

In the bottom right corner of the picture you can see the solar clothes drier(clothes line) that I made a couple of years ago, but that's a different story.....


  1. You guys did get a good bit done. Your wifes breakfast did sound yummy. LOL @ the "solar clothes dryer".

  2. Sounds to me like Trudy is a true woman's woman. I bet she loved the gift of the breakfast and the time you spend with the kids. As a mom myself, it was always a joy to see my children's father working with them to build or tear apart something. You working with both of your children was the perfect Mother's day gift for a woman's woman.

  3. Love the "solar dryer"

  4. Thanks all!!

    Mari, breakfast was yummy.

    Survive, Trudy enjoyed what got done and your right, she's a woman's woman, I'm lucky to have her.

    Dagerose, there will be other solar projects, but I thought this one was right up town... I wonder if someone who lives in a hoa subdivision can get away with having a clothes line if they renamed a solar clothes drier.