Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whats Going On

Sunday after the breakfast I posted about was made we went to painting the fort.  I don't have an airless but I do have brushes, rollers, and roller handles.  We had a good time putting the first coat of primer on until we ran out of primer.  I got another gallon of primer yesterday so we can get back to painting and hopefully have done by this weekend.

The garden is doing well.  We have tomato's growing on some of the vines and most of the vines have flowers on them.  The zucchini are starting to flower and a volunteer water melon that started growing in a blackberry bed has a flower on it as well.

The chickens had left the grape vines alone for about 6 weeks and I had thought we were past the time that they would bother them, but nope they ate the leaves off of all four of the vines.  Sunday my wife and I put chicken wire around the make shift supports I made for the vines.  New leaves are growing in so the vines should be fine.  I considered not protecting the vines, because I find it very comical to watch my wife chasing the chickens away from her vines. 

We have a tree in our back yard that had a tree well that was never built right.  Sunday we rebuilt the well.  I had a couple of stacks of retaining wall bricks... the red ones that you pick up at Home Depot or Lowes.  I got them for free from my dad who had redesigned a couple of his flower beds and didn't need them any more.  So anyway we put ten of those around the tree to hold the tree well in place.  Yesterday, while I was at work, my wife and daughter moved more of the bricks over by one of the apples trees so I could put them around the apple trees as well.  I put them around one of the trees last night after work.  I'll probably do the other one tonight.

I haven't bee out in the shop much lately.  I think tonight I'm going to spend some time working out there, getting it cleaned up and ready to make several pens.  I hate working in clutter and in spite of putting tools away every night when we worked on Jake's Fort it still got cluttered up. 

Well I better run for now I have to go to work in just a bit.  God Bless!!

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