Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Garden

I once again have gone months without updating the blog.  Life has gotten in the way and the trail through the mountains and valleys of life has been very eventful.  As time passes I'll share some of what we experienced over the course of 2013.

We are trying out a new drip system in the garden.  We'll finish the basic system, the we were given a timer system that I will install as well.  I may have to play with it a bit, but this should increase our harvest, because the watering will be more consistent.

These 5 pepper plants survived the winter and no watering.  We decided to leave them and plant the watermelon in amongst them.  

New peppers for the year. 

Below are the pictures of zucchini and yellow  crook neck squash that are coming up.  I'm going to try something different with them this year.  As the plant grows I'm going to remove the lower leaves and tie the main plant to a pole.  We'll see how that works.

Lavender I don't know how to use this, but apparently my wife does.

Something to draw bees.

The onions are coming up.

In the background of the last picture you can see the elderberry... It's the two plants at the end of the onion planter.

There is more to share, but for now adieu.