Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homestead lay out

On an acre of land space for livestock is at a premium, to that end, I've been pondering where to put the rabbits and the goats.  We're also going to add another garden just for the plants like water melon, and squash so we can have even more room for those plants that take up less room.  The chicken coop is mobile and they can free range, so the coop placement isn't a big deal.

We have a cargo box placed along the north side of the house.  I'm going to drag that over about 10 feet.  The area between the house and the container is where I plan to have the rabbit hutches. This will give them shade and some protection from the winds we get.  I have a portable swamp cooler that I'm going to use also, in that I have a plan to make the hutches so that the swamp cooler will blow some cool air through the hutches on hot days.

I have some ideas on the goat enclosure too and I'm throwing some details around in my brain to work out how to position the pen, the goat barn and a milking area.

I guess the pea in my head will keep rattling for a bit...

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