Monday, May 2, 2011

Launch and Introduction

I wanted to start this blog to write about what is happening on my little place.  Some people call it a homestead, others a mini farm.  I call my little acre of property home.  We moved here in February of 2003 busy with life, a career and just being consumers. 

Today we want to be as self reliant as possible, provide as much food for ourselves and live as cheaply as possible.  Currently we have a garden that for the last three years we've been improving the soil and expanding.  It sounds like next year we will be expanding it again.  We also have 8 chickens that we get eggs from every day.  In a later post I might throw up some pictures and discuss the building of the little mobile chicken coop I converted from a VERY large dog house. 

We are now researching and discussing adding both meat rabbits and milking goats to our little desert homestead.  Follow us in the journey of a desert rat and his family and you'll see what develops....

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