Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simple Living and Simply Living

This morning we were talking abut Twitter and Facebook and the connectivity of the world today.  I enjoy technology, I like watching movies on Netflix, I earned my living from a major internet company for 10 years.  Yet there is something to say about disconnecting yourself from the connectivity of the world, the constant news feeds, and the tweets or status updates that announce absolutely nothing to everybody.

Going out in your yard and talking with a friend or family member while building, creating, or changing something gives you the opportunity to get to know that person and build a connection.  It gives your brain the opportunity to focus on one thing at a time.  It gives your body the time outside of a chair to regain muscles that you've forgotten about. 

Simple living doesn't mean disconnecting everything it means enjoying what you've got.

God Bless everyone and Happy Mothers Day

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  1. My husband is changing spark plugs and changing the oil on the Expedition. I am going to work in the yard near the shop so I can be with him... sort of. Thanks for the reminder to "step away from computer." Can I take my MP3 player as long as I don't use it while I am actually talking to my husband? ... but then I won't hear the quail and doves and might miss something wonderful about a technology break... Thanks for the post.