Monday, May 9, 2011


After I got home from work Jake and I got 2 more half walls framed out on his fort.  I tomorrow we'll put the siding on them.  I have to make a couple of half walls on the side the steps are on, but I think we'll get the siding on the other 3 sides, and make those out of scrap... I don't want to have to buy anymore material if I don't have to.  If I can get the siding on tomorrow then we're going to put the roof framing and sheets up on Wednesday after work, the wind is supposed to die down by then.  I wouldn't have wanted to be moving sheets on the roof with 35mph gusts like there was today.  No pictures today, hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow.

I sure have had fun on this project.  I've also decided that when this is done, I'm gonna enlist my son and we're going to build a goat shed, a pen and a milking stanchion.  I'm going to build it out of as much recycled material as possible.  Probably a lot of pallet wood.

So far on the blog I've talked a lot about this one project and a bit about my garden.  That's gonna change soon and I'll talk about other projects, sustainability, why I choose to homestead, and preparing for the future as well.

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