Monday, May 16, 2011


I wasn't able to make any progress on the roofing today, the wind was blowing out here in the desert again.  There's a 30% chance of rain on Wednesday so wind or not tomorrow I will roof it.  I'm a little concerned about being on the roof.  I only used 2x4's on it thinking it's just an outside play area for a kid.  The 2x4's will handle Jake's weight no problem, but mine??? That's gonna be interesting.  I'm thinking about using some other 2x6's to brace it up if I have to get up there and I might have to get up there, because I don't want Jake 10 feet in the air with 30 miles an hour wind.  We'll see, pray for a calm day tomorrow.

Since I didn't make any progress on The Fort I thought I would show you what the place looked like in 2007 and what it looks like today.... This is the fourth year we have had the garden and the changes your going to see occurred just before we put in our first garden.

A mess, there was one trail leading through the jungle.

After, taken from the same place.
You can kind of see the trail through the grass.
Now it's clear to walk anywhere.
Today our garden is in this area.
A little better, but not done yet.
I took more loads of stuff to the dump than I care to remember.

We have continued to make progress.  Below are pics of the property today:

The little workshop to the left of the house I built from the ground up.  My wife was a great helper.

In the next year, we're gonna get a rooster to put in the chicken coop, we're going to, expand the garden for I think the fourth time, add a rabbitry and we're going to build a goat barn and add dairy goats to the homestead.  I'm excited to continue the move to being self reliant.


  1. The improvements are awesome. It's good to see the fruits of your labor.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by!! It is amazing to look back on what you've done and where your at. It acts as a motivation.