Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Always something happening

Yesterday after taking time to reflect on the gift of freedom God has given us and the sacrifice of pioneers and soldiers to maintain that freedom we did some work around the homestead.  I put preservative on the bottom of the stringers of Jake's Fort and screwed in some footer boards around the bottom of the fort, unloaded the quad from the trailer and backed the trailer into it's normal parking space.  After that my wife and I went out to the shop and cleaned it up.  The cleaning wasn't as bad as I thought it was going t be.  I had thought it was going to take a long time because it was pretty dirty and my shop is about half the size it should be.  Cleaning did high light for me the need for at least 1 small garden shed.  I guess I need to add that to my list of projects.

We also did some burning yesterday.  We have desert broom stumps in our yard, right where I want to move the chicken coop to and where I want to set up a double composting bin.  So we built a fire over the top of one of the stumps and burned the fire on top of it.  I'm kind of leery of doing that because of how dry it is, but we were with the fire the whole time and we had a hose ready to water things down if need be.

Going back to the cleaning of the shop, here are some things I make in the shop and sell at a local farmers market.... I'm going to be expanding to other venues too.

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