Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two Year Old Chicken Coop Project

The project below is about two years old, but I wanted to post it anyway.  Our chicken coop is a repurposed dog house.  The dog house was sitting in a neighbors yard but I never saw a dog in the yard, so one day when I saw them outside I stopped and asked them if they wanted to get rid of it.  The owner said he doesn't even have a dog and it was given to him by his neighbor, so the dog house went to my yard.  The dog that went in this house must have been large, because it's 4'X6'.

The first thing I did was put the dog house on wheels so I could easily move it.   I eventually also made that door smaller.

My wife did all the priming, painting and touch up while I was at work.

 If you look at the door in this picture you will see there's nothing supporting the sheet of siding.... guess what happened during the first windy day when someone went to collect eggs?  That's right, the door fell off, so I made a frame for both doors for strength and stability. 

The coop has held up pretty well.  Currently there's nesting boxes in right inside the large door, the boxes are removable, so the coop is easily cleaned.   Also in the coop is a light that the original maker of the doghouse installed so in the winter the chickens get some light and heat, and we continue getting eggs through the winter.  We put a tarp over the top of the run and that's where their water and food bin goes.  The repurposed doghouse has held up pretty well and is a good size for about 8 chickens with no rooster.  If your wondering the door to the run is never closed, the chickens pretty much free range the property so they're only in the run and coop to eat and sleep.

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