Monday, May 2, 2011

Doing Something Dangerous: Thinking

For the last several years I've been thinking and talking with my wife.  My wife has been thinking and talking to me.  We both have a desire to produce our own food.  We want to be self reliant, we want to not rely on stores to provide everything.  We want our food close to us and finally we want our kids to know where food comes from and understand they can feed themselves.  

Now our 21 year old is working toward her future as a nurse, and is living at home while attending college.  She has 2 more semesters left until she takes her RN test.  She helps around the house and helps with outside projects when not studying for tests.

Our 11 year old is an active boy he is rebuilding some old bikes and as he has the money he's replacing parts on them to make them as good as new.  Sometimes he asks me to help when he needs help, like replacing a chain, or fixing one that a link broke on, but he's got 4 out of 5 bikes able to be ridden.  Heck his uncle even brought him a bike to have him rehab it and get it up and going again.

My wife has her hands in everything on the place.  She's homeschooling the boy, as she did the girl, cooking everything from scratch and even grinding all of our wheat.  She is a huge forward driving force when it comes to garden plans and homesteading ideas.

Our thought is to have a couple of milk goats and use the milk to drink, make soap, and sell, as well as meat from their offspring.  We would also have a couple of pairs of rabbits for breeding for meat purposes.  The animals combined with the garden would remove a lot of our need to go to the store and allow us to be that much more reliant on only ourselves.

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