Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Weekend

I was all set to work from home yesterday.  The gateway to work was down and I had a dental appointment later in the day so I took the day off.  I ended up going to the dentist, finding out that my insurance didn't cover an extraction, nor did it cover a bone graft that needed to be done after the extraction.  The tooth had to come out because it cracked and split so it was not salvageable with a root call/crown procedure.  The dentist told me that it would be a twenty minute procedure.  Three hours later I walked out of the dentists office one less tooth, a lot less money and a mouth full of blood.  I also had 3 prescriptions and instructions to take it easy and do nothing strenuous for the next 3 days.  Which totally bites, because on the way home from dentists office I stopped and got a yard of compost for the garden.  Of course I stupidly told my wife what the dentist said, so she and the kids let me do nothing strenuous...  It sucks being treated like an invalid.

Today was a gorgeous day and I wasn't allowed to do anything.  Tomorrow, is supposed to be cold and rainy and besides, I'm being watched like a hawk when I get anywhere near a door.... Oh well, I guess this weekend is the weekend of planning.

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