Friday, March 23, 2012

Bullets, Beans and Band Aids

I've been hearing a lot about the new show Doomsday Preppers on one of the cable networks.  I don't have cable, so it's not something I can watch.  I did get to watch one episode, my wife and I were at my parents house, they have cable.  The episode we watched was the one where the guy blew his thumb off.  I wasn't overly impressed.  It seems to me that the producers put the people in a bad light, but also the people themselves seemed to be operating out of fear not out of rational, objective thought, nor out of much prayer to God and guidance by the Holy Spirit.  It could just be that in the time given this part of the story could not be communicated properly, however, that's my take on that one episode of the show.  If the show ever goes to Netflix I'll watch more of it and make a more informed decision. 

Let's talk a bit about the prepper movement, there are people who are prepping for the fringe fears... A polar shift, alien infiltration, full scale invasion by a foreign power... the list goes on.  These things could happen, I suppose, but will they?  Objectively, not likely.

Let's mention some other things that I think are much more likely to happen: slow economic slide followed by hyper-inflation (think Greece), infrastructure  collapse due to disrepair, a government that slowly moves away from the Constitution and changes the way it operates through executive orders and appointment of czars and administrations that make policy through non-legislative rules (think IRS, EPA, FEMA, Federal Reserve).

Does this make me a conspiracy theorist?  Maybe, however, I also know that I have the responsibility to care for my family and those around me.  I know that the media is telling me that times are getting better  all the while the month is getting longer and the money's getting shorter.  I know there are more rules, laws, policies, and statutes than is covered by the Constitution of the United States.  Objectively if we look at our country and the economy we see issues, problems.  I'm not saying it's going to get worse, because I don't know the future.  I am saying we need to prepare for the future, whether it be good or bad.  My wife and family and I are on a journey of learning skills like organic gardening, small livestock for food, cooking with alternative solar, re-purposing things for garden/agricultural work and use, food storage and cooking from scratch.  If things get worse we will have the skills to survive.  If things don't get worse, then we're just 'living a green life style'.

Regardless, I urge everyone to examine the world, the news, the economy, and the government in a very objective way, then pray, seek guidance from God.  The guidance you receive may be do do nothing, it may be to start buying extra canned goods when you go shopping.... Act on whatever guidance you receive.

God Bless.

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