Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturdays Progress, Feeling it Sunday

Saturday we got up early and went to town to have the tires on the truck checked out... Luckily it wasn't a second weekend of a lot of money exiting my bank account.  They just had to balance and rotate the tires.  While I was there I had them do an oil change, it's one last thing I have to do. 

Once we got home we spent the remainder of the day outside doing pretty mundane things like turning the compost pile, cleaning the goat pen and using the droppings to start a new pile.  We also took the walls off the goat shed for the summer.  It would be too hot in there if we left the walls up.  I also sprinkled diatomaceous earth throughout the pen and goat shed in hopes of cutting down on the flies.  I kind of plan on sprinkling it throughout the pen for the next several weeks.  Hopefully it will work.

I'm kind of tired today and have been all day.  We did a side job this morning (landscaping maintenance) and tonight it's off to church.  I'm not looking forward to driving into town during the week, but it pays the bills.


  1. Just remember, there is someone in the city praying for mundane chores like you have. Lol

  2. LOL, you're probably right. We have a dream of living further away from the city with quite a bit more property, off the grid. Maybe one day...