Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden Update

We have had another busy week with work, the elections, Jake not feeling 100% and of course caring for the garden and the animals.  Trudy planted more strawberry plants and we're afraid they died.  We're going to give them some time to come up properly before we order more plants.  Below are some pics of the garden, I didn't take pictures of the two new raspberry bushes, the grapes or the newest blackberry bushes.

This is our little strawberry patch.  We're getting strawberries from it almost daily, but they are little.  We're amending the soil to fertilize them better to help the fruit grow.

The small plants are currently small but if our squash produce we're going to have a big harvest.

These are volunteer sunflowers.  We dried last years flowers on the fence and apparently dropped a bunch of seeds.

Beans, more than a third of this side of the garden have bush beans started.  Love me some fresh beans to eat and some to can.

Tomatos: They look small but they are buried deep to make a deeper root and keep them in the cool soil.

The tomatos on the pallet fence are roma's

We decided to see if we can use pallets to support our tomato's without damaging them.  We'll see if it works.

We use onions in almost everything we cook.  These will be moved over by the tomato plants once they get a bit bigger.

This blackberry is a bit over a year old. 

The biggest of the two elderberry bushes.  hopefully it will get really big this year.

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