Monday, June 20, 2011

More on the Monument Fire

Every day this weekend we've delivered horse panels to the Sierra Vista Riding Club to be used for pens for livestock that were evacuated due to the Monument Fire in Southern Arizona, so not a lot of homesteading projects got done.  The people affected by this fire need all the prayer they can get.  My prayer is that God holds them up and strengthens them in this time of need.  It's also that inspite of the difficulty they currently have they are drawn closer to God.  

Below is a copy of an email my wife sent last night after we got home from delivering our last load, the email is to the pastor of the church we attend.

Hi Pastor Steve,
I thought I would share a few of the things we learned tonight when we dropped off the panels. The guy we talked to said he thought they had about 300 horses, goats, chickens, donkeys, mules, parrots. The people working there are exhausted. The guy told us his son is one of the fire fighter and he received a text from him today that said "all hell was breaking loose". Not what a parent wants to hear. He said that the fire went like 3 miles in an hour and that it was crazy around there today. They have had people come in crying. A horse came in there with burns. One lady had came there one day with her five horse. She was allowed to go home and then had to leave her home again.....this time she could only get three of her horses out. He had heard stories from people who couldn't get their horses  out in time, one couldn't get their horses out because a friend had borrow their trailer. And one who's horse turned and ran into the fire. He also said that the fire planes had been dumping slurry on part of the town today. Hard day in Sierra Vista today.
Just wanted to share with you what we learned....I know you know so many of these people. Our heart breaks for them and what they are going thru.



  1. I have worried constantly about you folks out there. I keep up with the news way over in North Carolina. I have sent prayers and will continue to do so. With animals ourselves, we have wondered how all that was working out and feared just what I read above. Please feel stronger in knowing that people from afar are thinking about all of you. Stay strong ~ Debi

  2. Hi Debi,
    Thanks for the prayers, keep them coming!! Tomorrow my wife and I are delivering a minimum of 2500 pounds of hay to the folks who are caring for the livestock. Pray we can get a good price and we have safety during the trip... from town where we have to buy the hay it's a 70 mile drive.