Friday, June 17, 2011

Monument Fire Evacuations and the Rural Community

To date the Monument Fire has burned about 18,000 acres of southern Arizona.  The area is mainly rural and has burned about 50 structures, 40 of them are houses.  There are currently a lot of people evacuated from their homes because of how close the fire is.  Being in a rural area means a lot of livestock and other farm animals have had to be evacuated as well.  The rural communities are coming together to help these folks house horses and ponies of those evacuated.  My family and I delivered 17 horse panels to the Sierra Vista Horse club tonight.  We got home about 25 minutes ago, at the time we delivered the panels there were 193 horses there, and more coming.  We're going to deliver more panels tomorrow, hopefully about 40, but they're going to more.  In addition to the 193 horses there at the facility in Sierra Vista they have horse housed at the Sonoita fair grounds and also at a private pasture near Tombstone.  People and businesses are donating hay to feed all these animals as the evacuee's were unable to load everything needed when they were evacuated.

If you're in southern Arizona and can help out in this endeavor give me a call, shoot me an email or yell really loud...

God Bless!!! oh yeah, please say a prayer for the people evacuated, the firemen and for the fire to be beat back.


  1. Saying prayers for all of in Texas, we are fighting 115 degree weather. Chickens are playing in water and horses are being hosed down daily. Even the dog is getting to chew on ice cubes.

    Stay safe, and prayers for the departure of the fires. Take Care.

  2. Thanks Jaclyn, the more prayers the better. God provides everything and he has provided in the fire situation and will continue to. Keep given the water and the ice and the livestock will do fine, it just a season....