Saturday, March 12, 2016

First Work in the Garden 2016

In Southern Arizona it's the time of year to start working on the garden. This garden season we are starting with a real mess full of weeds.  The mess was so complete as Trudy, my wife, put it, "It was so shameful we didn't take before pictures."  Today the sky was blue, the wind averaged about 12 miles an hour and the high temperature was 70 degrees.

We moved all the DIY earth boxes into the corner after we cleaned out the weeds.

Those are all blackberry plants that rooted themselves since last summer.  They will come out and be potted to give to friends and family.

The mint started in one container... they have taken over 2 other containers and are working on a 3rd.

Broccoli, it may already be to hot for them.. hopefully the don't bolt.

A rosemary bush... we keep cutting on it to add to dishes, and it just keeps growing.

Tomorrow we tackle this mess.

.. and this.

and this... somewhere in there are elderberry plants.

More blackberries and a spoiled dog.

That's the garden update.  Have a good night

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