Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Garden

The garden is growing pretty good, we're watering on a schedule and if the mulch stays in place the ground stays pretty damp, even in 98 degree temperatures.  I'm waiting pretty impatiently to start getting produce.  I'm also waiting for the chickens to start laying, they're about 20 weeks old so anytime they should start laying at least a few eggs.  The goats aren't producing milk so we have to wait to breed them and for them to give birth.  Right now all the things that are supposed to feed us are just consuming time, water and food.  Like I said I can't wait to start getting eggs from the chickens and produce from the garden.  I can wait for the goats, but I hate going to the store and paying for milk that really doesn't taste that good. 

Today we're having a party to celebrate Ashley's graduation so we're pretty busy, but Trudy went out and took a bunch of pictures for me.  A lot of them are below.

No updates on the solar cooker, or the rain water harvesting this week, but those will be coming soon.

This swing is really relaxing in the evening

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