Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Week and Graduation

This week has  been long and tiring. Things at work are getting busier and required reports have a new importance.  So work was long, tiring and filled with deadlines that I require me to wait for data from others before I can meet my deadline... If they get their data to me after the deadline then I'm late too, and I have no way of holding anybody accountable.  Needless to say there are many reports that are late and I get dressed down because of late submissions.  Such is life, I guess.

The great news is that my daughter graduated from nursing school this week.   She has to take the state RN boards, and find an R.N. job, but it's over.   Ashley worked hard to get to this point and we are very proud of her accomplishment!!  Home education really does work and home educated kids can go on and succeed in a  college environment.

Ashley walking back to her seat at Graduation

The Graduate with a proud mother, brother and father!

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