Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Couple of Changes Around the Homestead

Earlier this week I told you i would solve the lack of posts.  In fact after this post I have several post ideas that I will share with you.  For this post I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of big changes that happened here... at least big for us. Let me preface the pictures by saying that we had a few reasons for the changes.

The first change is we moved the goat pen:

This is the old location.

The old location of the goat pen was on the side of the yard toward the back.  This location was near to the garden, it was also kind of awkward to get to for the purpose of unloading feed.  We also will be moving in a lot more feed.  We ended up moving the pen and the goat house to the front of the property and leaving the milking area there.  You can see we moved a picnic table out there.  I'm also going to be moving the horseshoe pit into that area as well, probably parallel to the garden.

The area with the pallet fence is the goat pen.

We have another reason for moving the goats.  You see, now that Ashley has a job and has some disposable income she decided to buy a horse.  The horse she bought is the one that her and her brother were previously taking lessons on, so they knew her, they know her habits and they knew the owner, which happens to be a friend of ours.

This is Maggie, she's a great addition to the family!!

Jake is spending a lot of time with Maggie and when Ashley isn't at work or running around town she does too.  Jake is the one doing most of the care, keeping the pen clean feeding and other chores, while Ashley is at work earning the money to keep the horse fed.  Below is what we see a lot of.

I'm not sure who's posing the most, Jake or Maggie.

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