Sunday, June 10, 2012

90 Degrees Early

This morning at 8:45 it was 90 degrees outside.  With the coming of summer heat we try to make sure outdoor activity is done early in the morning and late in the evening.  Today is kind of a lazy day, I'm just working on a lesson and being a vegetable.  I'm planning on doing some scouting and glassing on the weekends in the next month or so which means we will get a bit higher in elevation and a bit cooler while we're there.  I plan on locating some water sources and game trails then glassing with binoculars and a spotting scope for bedding areas of the deer.  The time outside will be nice and using the scouting time to check our rucks to make sure they are setup right for the hunt will be fun. 

Below are some pics of the garden that needs to be re-mulched, and the goats....

We're not sure why the beans aren't doing well, but they are starting to produce, so we're just pulling the browned leaves and going with it.

We're still getting strawberries, but the heat is drying the fruit out.


  1. I live in the valley and love the look of your garden this time of year. What elevation are you? I need to get myself out to my garden to clean up the mostly dried mess. I'd love to have goats and enjoy fresh goats milk. Love your posts.

  2. Hi Tightwad thanks for posting. We're about 3200feet I think, to be sure I would have to pull the GPS out and check. We have been over 100 for the last couple weeks and have to reapply mulch as the wind blows... the mulch is really the garden saver and bales of straw are in expensive so we use a lot of straw.

    Our goats are dry at the moment, we are waiting for them to be in heat so we can freshen them and either sell or butcher the goat kids.

    Again thanks for dropping in and commenting!!